Documentary launch

Faced with public calls for improved quality of life and a lack of available (and affordable) land for new parks, cities are increasingly converting former industrial and infrastructure-related locations into innovative and enjoyable public spaces. Watch my new documentary -- launched in partnership with the advocacy and research organization Park People -- on the rationale behind these conversions, the design challenges they present, and the larger issues they raise.

I'm a filmmaker, photographer, and essayist working in Toronto and New York City. You'll find a selection of my recent work on this page, and I hope you'll stay to explore the rest.

Last September I met Lori Vrba, a fine art photographer based in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, whose latest work is currently on national tour. Watch my interview-doc and learn more here.

With Lisa Martinez in Kensington Market, Toronto. Photographed February, 2018. Visit the full gallery.

"Webb’s photography often takes the viewer on a journey – into the distance or up into the heights – and as it leads the eye, it finds itself able both to teach and to delight."

Read my review essay on I See a City: Todd Webb's New York (Thames & Hudson)

Watch my November 2017 interview with actor and producer Stacie Capone, whose latest film, Pepper and the Salt Sea, is now viewable on Film Shortage. More on Stacie here.

Manhattan's east side, photographed November 2017:

See more New York City photography here.

Above 34th Street, Manhattan, with Meghan Nelligan. Photographed February, 2018. Visit the full gallery.

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