Ian Garrick Mason is a Toronto-based writer; his work has appeared in The Spectator, the Times Literary Supplement, the New Statesman, The Walrus, the Boston Globe, the San Francisco Chronicle, and the Globe & Mail, among other publications. From 1994 to 1998, he was the founding editor of the Canadian general interest quarterly Gravitas; in 2010 he launched SCOPE, an online magazine of culture, politics, business, and science.

Ian is also a contributor to the blog sans everything, and his articles, essays, and reviews can be found at www3.sympatico.ca/ian.g.mason/. He can be contacted at editor at scope-mag dot com.

SCOPE magazine, inaugural issue

SCOPE magazine, inaugural issue

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    Welcome to Archipelagoes. I'm a Toronto-based writer, the editor of SCOPE magazine, and the former founding editor of the Canadian quarterly Gravitas. Much of the material you see here -- which spans politics, film, art, literature, the environment, and whatever else I happen to find compelling or curious -- can also be found on the blog sans everything, where it merrily rubs shoulders with though-provoking pieces by John Haffner, Jeet Heer, and A.M. Lamey. Contact me at editor at scope-mag dot com.
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