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Go on, try it. Press the button.

Tuesday, May 11th, 2010

In a burst of twenty-first-century technological enthusiasm, I managed this evening to install AddThis “share” buttons on Archipelagoes. “It’s about time, too,” readers of a social networking bent will say. Other readers may say simply, “You added what?”

A quick explanation then. “Share” buttons appear at the bottom of each post (including this one — look down); when you sweep your mouse over one, a menu will pop-up, allowing you to easily share the post with your friends by email or by importing a snippet of the post into a social networking service like Facebook or MySpace (assuming you have an account on one of them, of course).

It’s really pretty simple. So go ahead: pick your favorite recent post (not this post, I hope; if this post is your favorite then I’m in deep trouble) and press that Share button. Your friends will thank you.