Gloria Vandekemp of Plutino Models, June 2018. See the gallery.

"He believes the war was fundamentally unwinnable, and on this assumption every step towards it (and deeper into it) was obviously a mistake: the sending of combat units, the bombing of North Vietnam, new troop requests by American commanders — all these decisions he inspects for cognitive failures and untested assumptions. Unsurprisingly, he finds them."

Read my Spectator review of Brian VanDeMark's new book on the decisionsthatleadtotheVietnam War.

Watch my interview-documentary with The New School's Shannon Mattern on the myriad ways a city can be considered "intelligent". Originally published on urbanNext.

Ballet: this haiku of motion (photographed December 2018)

With Jane Walker of AMTI, April 2018. See the gallery.

"We do our children a disservice if we prepare them for the art but not for the grind, for the inspiration but not for the implementation. They need to be capable of doing either, and often both."

Read my Literary Review of Canada essay on raising kids in an era of risk-aversion and rapid change.

Canadian triptych. Shot on a flight from Toronto to Vancouver, December 2018.

Something new

Faced with public calls for improved quality of life and a lack of available (and affordable) land for new parks, cities are increasingly converting former industrial and infrastructure-related locations into innovative and enjoyable public spaces. Watch my new documentary -- featured by Canadian Architect magazine and launched in partnership with the advocacy and research organization Park People -- on the rationale behind these conversions, the design challenges they present, and the larger issues they raise.

A session with Sofia Lungu of NEXT Canada, March 2018. See more.

"This is no paradox, but the complex expression of a metropolis responding to forces largely outside its control. The docks and warehouses that supported the massive trade flows of the British Empire – and made Calcutta the largest city in Asia for a time – are hollowed out and collapsing."

Read my Times Literary Supplement review of Kushanava Choudhury's The Epic City: The world on the streets of Calcutta (Bloomsbury)

Footfalls in a reverent place: the Grand Mosque of Paris, built in 1926 to honour the roughly 100,000 Muslim soldiers who died fighting for France in World War One. Paris, France. (Photographed in September 2018)

Last September I met Lori Vrba, a fine art photographer based in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, whose latest work is currently on national tour. Watch my interview-doc and learn more here.

The sisterhood. (May 2018)

A winter's shoot with Rose Paré of NEXT Models. Photographed January, 2018. Visit the full gallery.

The night willow. (November 2018)

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