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A mood piece with Helena Grace, filmed in Toronto, summer 2019.

"This holistic, almost tactile depiction of a natural world lying close at hand is of a piece with his belief that a nature conceived of in the abstract, as ‘a theoretical resource’, is a nature made more vulnerable to the powerful claims of a growth-driven modern world."

From my review of Mark Cocker's A Claxton Diary: Further Field Notes from a Small Planet, in The Spectator.

Community swim. Mississauga, Canada. (August 2020)

Anna van Patten, Women 360 Management, in New York City (March 2019). Visit her gallery.

"The Troubles ended in a military stalemate, which the architects of the Good Friday Agreement managed to turn into an enduring but imperfect ceasefire: a war turned down from 'boil' to 'simmer'. Twenty-one years on, public opposition to any resumption of fighting means a narrow set of options for those who might wish to continue the armed struggle."

From my essay on the role of popular support for violence in determining the sustainability of peace, in The Article.

Rose Paré, actor and model (January 2019). Visit her gallery.

The Burlington Skyway under flurries and cross winds. (January 2020)

A collaboration with the talented Rose Paré, who wrote and stars in "Sometimes HE Tickles" (released February 2019). More here.

"Lambert looks in detail at five historical polities – Athens, Carthage, Venice, the Dutch Republic, and England – which he holds up as prime instances of “seapowers”: states that deliberately chose to place the sea at the centre of their political and cultural identities, and used the “asymmetric” capabilities this granted them to make their way in the world as trade-oriented great powers. At least for a time."

From my review of Andrew Lambert's Seapower States, in The Spectator. Read more.

Spring dance. (May 2019)

Introducing Rose Paré in her debut film, "Commencement" (released January 2019). More here.

Paeyton Lilly, Nevs Models (February 2019). See the gallery.

Canadian triptych. Shot on a flight from Toronto to Vancouver, December 2018.

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