Spring dance

Watching a spring showcase of ballet dancing yesterday, I decided to play a bit with long-exposure photography to see what I’d get (plus I was renting a Sony a7R III mirrorless for the occasion, and I was curious to see what it could do). I’m really happy with the result, and particularly like both the rich colour combined with white-clothed legs, and the way the dancers seem to emerge from - or depart into - ghostly smoke on the left.


Allie Hafner (Photo: Ian Garrick Mason)

“The best
Thing we can do is to make wherever we’re lost in
Look as much like home as we can.”
- Christopher Fry, The Lady’s Not for Burning

At first I was unsure whether to publish this particular picture. It seemed too constrained, somehow – too far from the expressive spirit of fashion photography, or even from the more casual vibe of model tests. But as I edited it and stared at it, I came to appreciate its virtues. There’s both a coziness to it and a sense of foreboding – a small pool of warm sunlight in a darkening room. And Allie’s expression is calm and confident, yet she’s still and straight as if in expectation of an event.

In the mud

(Photo: Ian Garrick Mason)

The frozen, clinging, beautiful mud of winter rallycross. A photo from my most recent event at Humberstone Speedway in Port Colborne, Ontario. We went from granite-hard surface mixed with hidden ice patches on the first two runs, and then after the sun came out from behind the clouds for an hour, to liquid mud everywhere (plus the same hidden ice patches) on run #3. Suddenly keeping our cars pointing forward at all was a major accomplishment. After the run I pulled up next to Kirk Bradley (a Subaru driver) in the service area and we both pulled off our helmets and I said “What the hell was THAT?” and we laughed.

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