Mads and Nat

Maddison Mahoney and Natalia Polakowski (Photo: Ian Garrick Mason)

Maddison Mahoney and Natalia Polakowski, Elite Models, in my studio last summer. There’s the slight homage here towards classical oil painting that appears in many of my more recent photographs, especially those taken in studio rather than outdoors. Perhaps I’m spending more time with art history and it’s bleeding through into my work.


“Thicket” (1881) by Ivan Ivanovich Shishkin

My recent photos of Canadian forests had been reminding me of something I couldn’t put my finger on, and running across this painting this morning gave me the answer. I had used one of Shishkin’s paintings (“Winter”, 1890) many years ago to illustrate an essay I wrote on pagan Germanic mythology,
and his style and spirit had apparently made a subtle impression on me –
because it’s showing up now in my aesthetic responses to the wilderness
of my homeland.


Six increasingly fast runs in snow, ice, and then mud at the first KWRC rallycross of the year yesterday. I thought my car got through without a scratch until I took it out on the main road and it started shaking like a feverish dog at speeds over 80 kph. So it was slower country roads all the way home – and obviously a visit to the shop this week.

The sun came out

Shannon Thaler, Marilyn Agency NY (Photo: Ian Garrick Mason)

One of the purest joys in fashion photography comes when an utterly unposed, natural, in-between-shots moment occurs, and somehow your finger is quick enough to hit the shutter button and capture it despite not being really “ready” for the shot. Sometime the resulting picture is an out-of-focus muddle. Sometimes – as with this glorious image of model Shannon Thaler and her megawatt smile – it’s perfect.

MUA: Ruth Akele

Stylist: Victoria Rodriguez

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