A few quadrants-worth of pointe shoes displayed at The Shoe Room, the boutique outfitting store for Canada’s National Ballet School. I wasn’t sure at first how to approach this shot. I tried taking an oblique angle, hoping to show a dramatic close-to-far vista of shoes – but that didn’t work well when I tried it (I think the wooden cubbies interfered with the purity of the effect). Then I stepped back and took a carefully symmetrical view of the majority of the display, thinking that the volume of shoes should be conveyed – but that didn’t work well either, because it seemed it would be impossible for viewers to figure out that the myriad objects in the cubbies were actually pointe shoes. So I ended up cropping in much more tightly to make clear the identity of the items, while still hinting at how many shoes there must be by composing a “borderless” image. I think the window light streams in more dramatically, too.

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