Selected recent work

Maya Cerantola, 2021

Bri Skinner, 2021

Jessica Taylor, 2020

Ana Buljevic in New York City, 2019. See her gallery.

A mood piece with Helena Grace, filmed in Toronto, summer 2019.

Lisa Napoly wearing a design by KAT. Paris, 2019. See more from the shoot. For more on KAT's work, visit her Instagram page.

After a night of snow. Mississauga, Canada. (November 2020)

Paeyton Lilly, Ciotti Models, in Toronto. Gallery.

Claudia van Oortmerssen, photographed in Toronto. Gallery.

Community swim. Mississauga, Canada. (August 2020)

Spring dance. (May 2019)

Introducing Rose Paré in her debut film, "Commencement" (released January 2019). More here.

Canadian triptych. Shot on a flight from Toronto to Vancouver, December 2018.

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