Ian Garrick Mason is an independent filmmaker, photographer, and essayist. He has produced short documentaries on topics like film festivals, resume "whitening", blockchain and finance, intelligent cities, and urban planning philosophies (a piece which was featured by Canadian Architect), as well as filming an ongoing series of stylized interview-documentaries on actors and visual artists. Ian's photography concentrates on fashion, portraits, and the personalities of cities. He is a contributing editor at Barcelona-based urbanNext, and as a freelance journalist he has written on politics and culture for publications like The Times Literary Supplement, The Boston Globe, The Walrus, and The New Statesman.

Ian is the founding editor of SCOPE, a global magazine of ideas, culture, and emerging talent, and managing director of Hassard Fay, a firm that helps organizations develop ideas-based creative content through videos, infographics, and other formats.

For more information on Ian's work, to discuss opportunities and potential projects, or to just say hello, feel free to get in touch.

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