Braden Wright

His voice strikes you first: controlled and mellifluous, yet completely without pretention -- a good combination for a professional voice artist. And for an actor. Braden Wright has performed in theatre and film -- most recently in Boris Schaarschmidt's WWI short 1916 -- in numerous episodes of TV's General Hospital, and, remarkably, in over nine hundred appearances as a professional skater. He is also as experienced in the business side of entertainment as he is skilled in the creative side, having led public relations for numerous film shoots in North America and internationally, and having enjoyed a long and successful stint at Disney as a senior photo editor. With a degree in mass communications from Boston University, perhaps it will be no surprise to note that he's a playwright and screenwriter too. A conversation with Braden brims as much with insights as with industry war stories -- all delivered in that controlled, mellifluous voice.

For more on Braden, see www.bradenwright.com

All images from our photoshoot at Toronto's 401 Richmond West, November 23, 2015.

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