Data as a Product

What do we mean by the phrase "data as a product"? How do data products add value to the businesses that build them, and how can product management as a discipline make data products better? An interview with Jansen Sullivan of Data Loft.

A World after LIBOR

The London Interbank Offered Rate (LIBOR), which underpins hundreds of trillions of dollars of financial contracts around the world, is on its way out. In this film, experts from Kramer Levin LLP, Alvarez & Marsal, and Fieldfisher LLP discuss the importance of this change and the impact it will have on financial industry participants.

Finance after Blockchain

A documentary about the potential impact of blockchain (or “distributed ledger”) technology on financial services: what blockchain is, how it creates value, where it's being applied, the roadblocks it faces on its way to wider adoption, and its possible futures.

Filmed in partnership with Interac Corp. and TMX Group.

City smarts

My interview-documentary with The New School's Shannon Mattern on the myriad ways a city can be considered "intelligent". 

Filmed for urbanNext.

Asta Paredes, actor

My short interview-documentary on Brooklyn-based actor and filmmaker Asta Paredes. See more about Asta here: astaparedes.com

Also visit Asta's profile page on this site.

Something New from Something Old

Cities are increasingly converting former industrial and infrastructure-related locations into innovative and enjoyable public spaces. This short documentary—featured by Canadian Architect magazine—looks at the rationale behind these conversions, the design challenges they present, and the larger issues they raise.

Shaping Cities

Conversations with the directors of the LSE's Cities program on how cities have evolved in the last twenty-five years and how they frame the issues that are affecting urban environments in their book Shaping Cities in an Urban Age.

Filmed for urbanNext.

Stacie Capone, actor

My November 2017 interview with Stacie Capone, a Brooklyn-based actor and producer; her film, Pepper and the Salt Sea, is viewable on Film Shortage: http://filmshortage.com/dailyshortpicks/pepper-and-the-salt-sea/

For more, visit staciecapone.com.

Lori Vrba, interview

In September 2017 I interviewed fine art photographer Lori Vrba, based in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, whose work is currently on national tour. More here.

Toronto made, Toronto found

In built form, Toronto looks at first glance like many other large North American cities. But up close, the city reflects the various and often conflicting urban planning and urban design ideas that shaped it. "Toronto made, Toronto found" explores how the city came to look like it does today — and the processes likely to determine its future form.

Fiona Graham, actor

My short interview-documentary on  New York-based actor Fiona Graham. See more about Fiona here:

Also visit Fiona's profile page on this site,

At the Festival

My short documentary on the experiences of three South African filmmakers at the Toronto Black Film Festival, 2016. Their award-winning film,
Thina Sobabili (The Two of Us), was the festival's opening night selection.

Stacey MacNevin, artist

I made this film in an attempt to capture the spirit of Stacey MacNevin's experimental art, and to convey a visceral sense of the organic and physical nature of her approach. To see more of her work, visit her on Instagram.

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